Friday, March 29, 2002

Never Enough GOP Bluntness Department

With Dubya enjoying an almost supernatural popularity rating, it is becoming clear that the President is becoming cocky, even arrogant. Now the Republicans are noticing, as this NY Times storydemonstrates:

"One of the things the White House will find is that the nature of Congress is not to stand up and applaud every time the White House does something," [Speaker of the House J. Dennis Hastert] said. "Do we need to send a birthday card every time?"

Clearly, Dubya does not seem to think it is important to help the House remain Republican, and to reverse the slim Democrat majority in the Senate. He also seems to forget, despite his popularity, that millions of Americans still remember him as the President who most recently lost the popular vote but won due to the Electorial College. What, does Dubya think he's infallable, like the Pope?

Good work, Dubya! Keep this up and maybe this country will lash out against the entire Republican party, and not just against your Enron-rubbing, Arab-money-grubbing, freedom-eroding Presidency.

Ya dumbass.

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