Wednesday, March 20, 2002

Never Enough Alternative News Sources Department

While I enjoy e-mail news bulletins from the New York Times and the BBC, it should be clear that not even these sources can be counted on to give the entire picture. (Brownie points for those who can spot the understatement.) Therefore, I have added a couple more news links to the left hand side of this blog. Both can be counted on to be truly critical--something that we desperately need in this time of easy jingoism.

The first one listed,, is inspired by the man who wrote the broadsheets titled Common Sense during the American Revolution. It is totally free of advertising and unafraid to broaden debate on the subjects of the day, no matter who it displeases.

The second one, Eat The State, is a weekly newspaper published in Seattle as well as available on the web. Aside from being highly enlightening in ways most news sources fail, it features the sharp tongue of Geov Parrish, who deserves much more support than he normally gets.

By all means, check these sites out when you get sick of the rehashed White House press releases and useless feel-good parroting that passes as "news" in most papers and TV programs. You might walk away even more disgusted, but isn't that better than remaining ignorant? Dittoheads need not reply to that last comment.

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