Wednesday, August 22, 2012

IRON SKY--A Review

I neglected to mention one pet peeve I have--not with Iron Sky, but with the way some of my friends described the movie.

Goddamn it, Iron Sky is NOT steampunk.

Retrofuturistic? Maybe, from the point of view that the Nazis focused on helium-3 fusion, antigravity craft, and nuclear howitzers, but stuck with vacuum tubes for their computing needs.

But, really, for all my troubles with accepting steampunk in terms of how it approaches retrofuturism, I have equal problem with those who dub any retrofuturismn "steampunk."

Steampunk is Victorian retrofuturism, got it? Dieselpunk would be more apt for Iron Sky, if only because both Dieselpunk and Naziism arise in the dawn of the Modern Era. But really, Iron Sky doesn't propose going back in time and giving Nazis advanced science--it just presumes the Nazis developed scientifically in far different ways than the rest of the world. So I have problems accepting Iron Sky as retrofuturism in the first place.

But. It. Is. NOT. Steampunk.


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