Friday, August 06, 2010

Updating Tumblr, Blogger + AWESOME music video shot in 35mm

I've been enjoying Posterous as a blogging platform so much, I have finally decided to tie Tumblr and Blogger into Posterous. Now, no matter how you're stalking following me, you can see the exact same chaos and disarray that I bring to every corner of the Internet.  

Speaking of which:

This music video for the Sólstafir song, "She Destroys Again," was shot entirely using a 35mm SLR camera, with all effects manipulated manually. Digitalization was only used to organize the sequence of the shots. It's a very well done project, and clearly a labor of photographic love that I have been tempted to try--but only tempted. Oh, and I am really digging on Sólstafir. Great band. Do check them out!

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