Sunday, May 31, 2009

Never Enough Life Updates Department

It has been a while since I posted to this blog, hasn't it?

To be brief: I think I can say now that Amber, who I mentioned in the last post, is my current love interest. :) She, too, is trans--although in more of a genderfluid sense--and we have a lot in common. It helps that she's just as much of a computer nerd and a kinkster as I, if not more so. She's also much more involved in the local geek communities, given her connection to Norwescon. It also helps that she's cute and cuddly and adorable and fun. The only real downside to our relationship is that she is married--I know Amber's wife and she's pretty awesome herself--but it's an open relationship, and as long as Amber's wife approves of me, all should be well.

Amber also runs a fetish photography studio called Bound Muse--for details, please visit

I've also been pretty active on Twitter nowadays, and encourage those of you who want to see short bursts of drivel from me to go there. Here you'll only see meanderings. Maybe the occasional penetrating analysis. Obviously you'd rather find out the Black Metal Of The Day (#bmotd) than read here. :)

I'm also active on Blip.FM, which is similar to Twitter only it focuses on music. You can DJ through this, and I have been: -- For the more eclectic stuff (including, yes, black metal, but it's really all over the map! Recent blips include Captain Beefheart, DEVO, and Screamin' Jay Hawkins, for example.) -- For female-oriented metal, e.g. metal bands with at least one active woman in the band. This one has been more of a challenge, but has been all the more rewarding for it!

I also posted more recent pics--including Norwescon pics--on my Flickr account.

Finally, I'm also on FaceBook, for those who would rather follow me there. All my blog posts here are echoed there, so you won't be missing much. :)

Enjoy! I am!

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