Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Never Enough Bad Transcripts Department

Never mind that Joe Lieberman is sticking up for John “Nuke Israel Until Jesus Glows” Hagee.

“Eesh Elo Kim”!? I presume that Lieberman meant “Ish Elohim”, whose “h” is pronounced like the ch sound in “Loch” or “Bach”, and so to those unfamiliar with the Semitic languages, might sound like it should be transliterated as a “K”. Think (C)Hanukkah.

So the person handling the transcripts for Joe Lieberman—a Conservative Jew, we are led to believe—is not in the slightest interested in how to portray Lieberman’s religion correctly? They’re willing to let Joe sound, well, dumb?

OK, between this and the website fiasco during the 2006 election,I'm convinced that we should be very thankful Lieberman was never VP.

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