Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Never Enough Moving Days Department

Today's the day that I move--the second time since I started this blog. Considering that I must officially declare the past month to be the worst holiday season EVAR (in my experience) I am actually rather relieved, and yet incredibly stressed out at the same time. Much has been packed, but there's always a few last-minute things to rush through, such as taking down this computer and packing food and utensils I've been using. Nothing major, really. Plus, I will have next weekend for moving any remaining bits that might be left behind today.

As promised, here is the link to Cyn's MySpace page so you may read her travelogue blog. (Travelblog?) It was a very, very crazy trip, from all accounts.

OK, it's time to get another megadose of B12 etc. and get busy. My Internet will be down for a few days and I'll probably have a new ISP by the end of all this, but I'll post updates if at all possible as soon as I can.

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