Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Never Enough Yuletide Sneers Department

Courtesy of WFMU's Beware Of the Blog:
Christmas is an inherited holiday about a theoretical peace for all of humanity. There is no national or social necessity to believe in this. However, we can present it as a holiday of actual domestic national peace... If we make visible the blessings of this actual peace, along with its foundations and requirements, then "Christmas" doubtless can be a high point in the course of the political year. Both according to popular custom and popular view, the Christmas holiday can justifiably be seen as a festival of the nation.
And some might wonder why I don't approve of this "War On Christmas" myself, humbug I may well be. I still prefer celebrating Y'all amongst the 273 different holidays celebrated between Thanksgiving and the New Year.

Me, I was thinking of playing Krampus this year. Life got ahead of me.

Oh, and if you must get a "live" tree next year, keep it watered. (Also courtesy WFMU)

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