Saturday, April 01, 2006

Never Enough Tummy Rant Abuse Department

Years ago, I had enough of listening to complaints among SubGenius men about women that didn't look sufficently like supermodels--an absurdity beyond its sexism since SubGeniuses are supposed to be "Superior Mutants" and therefore, presumably, interested in mutants, e.g. people who didn't necessarily look normal. So I wrote my Tummy Liberation rant in response, and got rave reviews from other SubGenius women. (Note: The rant uses quite a bit of SubGenius jargon; post a comment if a particular word isn't clear.)

Fast-forward a few years, and it looks like some site has linked to the Tummy Liberation rant. That'd be wonderful, if it were a legitimate site and not one of those obnoxious "link directory" sites--in this case, it's called EZ e Diets, and I refuse to link back, but here's what my link looks like:

It's bad enough that they linked to this rant; it's worse that they'd choose to quote from the one line that, out of context, is easiest to misconstrue. Feh...!

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