Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Never Enough Bootable Linux CDs Department

...Partially because the first post never showed up, and partially because the subject came up again, I thought I'd post a few other Linux distributions that are bootable off CD-R:
  • The Trinity Resource Kit is mainly geared towards rescuing PCs that have been damaged...
  • ...As is the Emergency Linux CD project...
  • ...And the FIRE project.
  • Eagle Linux lets you truly customize your own bootable Linux CD. It allows for bootable disk images as small as 4 Mb, perfect for burning onto business-card sized CD-ROMs. Speaking of....
  • LNX-BBCis specifically designed for business-card sized CD-ROMs, so you can not only boot Linux without blowing out your OS, you can store the boot disk in your pocket!

So there you go--lots and lots of options. All you need is a bit of initiative.

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