Monday, February 24, 2003

Never Enough Molly Ivins Department

Shame on me for not putting Molly Ivins' column in the News section. This will get rectified as soon as can load template files without crapping itself.

For the unaware, Molly Ivins is a redheaded Amazon of a Texan who comes from that long line of Texas Democrats who think that the Party should still, goddamn it, be progressively-minded, and not simply act like Republican Lite. In addition, she does not hesitate to call politicians on bullshit, no matter the party line. Most importantly, she's hilarious, with stories about "The Lege" (the Texas Legislature) that make WWF look like finger puppets wielded by seven year olds with speech impediments. Of course, your state legislature is probably no better, but you don't have a Molly Ivins reporting on the buffoonery.

I strongly recommend reading her most recent articles, followed by the Funny Times archive. Her books are good reads as well, but nowhere as topical by virtue of being largely pre-Dubya. Buy them anyhow.

As I'm proud to point out, not allTexans are insane, stupid, shallow, benighted, narrow-visioned bastards. Only the ones that get into the Lege--and the ones that vote 'em in. And then, then there's Molly. Ah, Molly....

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