Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Never Enough New Groups To Run Department

I know I've been silent for the past couple of weeks, but that's just as well, as I've been keeping busy with my new Yahoo! group and webring, Transgender Headbangers. It's proving to be a fun bunch, lots of crazy sick bitches--just my kind of people!

But there are a few things I can add to the list of updates and general merriment. First, despite my anti-Christmas sentiment, I did receive some nice Yule presents--a new pair of hair sticks, a new computer chair, a pair of rubber riding boots (which didn't fit, alas, but will be replaced with a leather pair soon), and best of all, two tickets to see Nile, Napalm Death, Dark Tranquility, Strapping Young Lad, and The Berzerker on January 26!!! And yes, I'll post a concert review once I've recovered.

Second, I'm still unemployed, but still hopeful and relieved that federal unemployment assistance has been extended another three months. Something's got to give, soon.

Third, Thea just applied for a day job, accompanying the mentally handicapped on trips to cafes, bowling alleys, movie theaters, etc. Hopefully she'll land that job, which would improve our income greatly--enough, we think, to move into a roomier apartment in an older house, complete with fireplace.

Fourth, I'm taking a break from alt.slack for a while. I don't frop much anymore, and it's just not as funny without frop.

Fifth, I'm learning Pro Tools and Finale, and between the two I've begun working on songs that have been trapped in my head for some time. I'll post details once I've completed the first one, a bluesy SubGenius hymn called "Where's The Slack In That?"

Speaking of which, Thea is working a late night shift, which means I could work on that song tonight if I so choose. I think I shall....

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