Friday, October 11, 2002

Never Enough Feminist Backlash Department

Before I continue, I wish to state that I am very much pro-woman. I feel that all humans should have a chance to realize their full potential as they see fit. However, I still have severe issues with the first wave of feminists, and at the risk of oversimplifying, for the following rantlet I shall treat their philosophies and assumptions as feminism in general. Even though many of the second and third waves of feminism see the problems I'm outlaying, the first wave's influence is still great, and it is this that I wish to call attention upon.

Feminism is to gender what Christianity is to spirituality. Both are essentialist dimorphic philosophies which assign to themselves the morally superior position. Both see any variation or contradiction of their essentialist dimorphism as justification of their position, and assign such variations to the morally inferior position without further contemplation. Both have achieved a measure of good for humanity, but at a cost and with such an air of superiority that an inevitable backlash is doomed to occur. Both take the backlash, not as an indication of their errors, but as vindication of their positions. And both fail to create any true advances in humanity because of their refusal to consider alternatives to binary positions.

It should also be noted that many of the first wave of feminists were Christians, thus explaining how easy it is for first-wavers and fundamentalist Christians to join forces against issues such as pornography and transgenderism. It also explains how their respective utopias require punishment for the ones they view as guilty. Finally, it explains why both are doomed to only partially realizing their visions for humanity, given that their positions are based on a fundamentally imbalanced teleology.

So there.

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