Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Never Enough Gut Blowouts Department

I just returned from X-Day 5, or XDV as some wags called it. Again, no pleasure saucers, but I ain't giving up! I'm going to KEEP ON PARTYING WITH MY FELLOW RELIGIOUS NUTS UNTIL WE BUST A NUT IN RUPTURE!!!

Well, it wasn't all partying this year, alas. But there was much slack to be had, especially considering that I am now legally married in the eyes of New York State. And not just married, but married to my significantly other Significant Other, St. Thea GirlUWant von Fraumench. And not just married in the state's eyes, but under "Bob"'s leering grin! And with Rev. Ivan Stang, my dear friend and inspiration, as the preacher! And with dozens of Superior Mutants watching and celebrating with us!! And did I mention that I married the ULTIMATE woman for me?!? (Actually, I had mentioned all this BEFORE, on this very blog, so I re-invoke the "Fuck It Principle" and will trust you'll dig in the archives if you are that curious.

Anyhow, here is an excellent stash of XDV photos to gawk at, just as I am now. And don't forget my X-Day Report and list of incomplete but heartfelt thank-yous for my own take on the event. And finally, do check out alt.slack either through your Usenet newsreader or by visiting the Google Usenet Motherlode.

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