Wednesday, May 22, 2002

Never Enough Christian Deconstructionism Department

Just to run it down for you, in case you never thought about it much:

  • Among most monotheistic religions, the supreme deity is male.
  • Among most religions where Abraham is an important character in their histories, believers are told to scorn homosexuality.
  • Among most Christian sects, Jesus is represented as Caucasian, often with blonde hair and blue eyes, despite the near certainty that any historical Jesus was a Semite without any significant Indo-European genetic stock.
  • Among most Fundamentalists in America, the saved are rich, a hangover from Calvinist theology which America has never fully shaken off despite its attempts at a just and equal society.

No wonder Christians, although told to love all people, act so hateful towards the women, non-whites, queers, and the poor. We're dealing with thousands of years of layered theology geared towards the creation of an elite. And people wonder why I scorn religion. Other than the Church of the SubGenius, of course.

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