Wednesday, February 06, 2002

Never Enough Gender Wedgies Department

From today's New York Times, a story on how Enron was mostly men and how a bunch of women were largely responsible for its downfall:

Only 10 years after Mattel put out Teen Talk Barbie whining "Math class is tough," we have women unearthing the Rosetta stone of this indecipherable scandal.

What does this gender schism mean? That men care more about inflating their assets? That women are more caring about colleagues getting shafted?

It is men's worst fear, personally and professionally, that women will pin the sin on them, come "out of the night like a missile and destroy a man," as Alan Simpson said during the Hill-Thomas hearings.

There has been speculation that women are more likely to be whistleblowers ? or tattletales when they are little ? because they are less likely to be members of the club.

Some men suggest that women, with their vast experience with male blarney, are experts at calling guys on it.

At Enron, it was men who came up with complex scams showing there was no limit to the question "How much is enough?" And it was women who raised the simple question, "Why?"

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