Thursday, October 25, 2001

Never Enough Time Department

I am supposed to be training a class of support technicians on how to support a popular shopping cart package on my company's UNIX web servers. The techs have yet to show up. Such a sad waste of time, considering I volunteered to stay late to do this.

Why can't I be using all this needlessly wasted time to be with the woman I love?

I can't complain too terribly. While I have been dealing with the Atlanta office of this company, I have had a chance to see Cynthia twice. For two weekends in a row, she has been with me, and I am so much happier for it. Why, just thinking about the times we had--romantic dinners, snuggling, kinky sex (HNEE!) and just looking into each other's eyes--it warms me in ways I haven't felt in ages, it seems.

I've never known anyone who is simply so compatible with me, who can be so wonderfully tender and sensitive and understanding and yet so wicked and fun at the same time. She is the perfect submissive for my dominant tendencies. She is old enough to be mature and responsible where it matters but still very young at heart. She has such potential still, and I will cherish watching her grow over time.

Given all this, a couple of weekends hardly seems to do our situation justice. Eventually, once my job situation has settled, she will come to live with me. And we will never again long for each other the way I long for her, the way she longs for me.

Slave, I await the day you may kneel before me and kiss my feet again. I love you so much.

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